Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ryerson U Admits Its Food Services Provider Is Costing It Mega-Millions. Something Fishy There, No?

Anyone buying the idea that it's okay to lose money selling food to ravenous students?


Me neither:
Ryerson University has been spending millions to cover steep losses incurred by the food service conglomerate that runs its cafeterias and catering operations. 
In the last five years, Ryerson has covered more than $5.6 million in losses that Aramark Canada Ltd. had earlier agreed to assume under its contract with the university. 
Julia Hanigsberg, Ryerson’s vice-president of administration and finance, acknowledges the losses, saying food services at Ryerson has been an “expense for a significant period of time.” 
Although the university’s contract with the U.S.-based company expires in less than four months, it has yet to issue a call for tenders. 
Student leaders fear it will simply be renewed, sparking an epicurean revolt among students who want to replace Aramark’s food with higher quality, more affordable offerings...
Let's see. Absurdly high prices. No tendering. No change on the horizon. Well, blow me over--it looks as though the TSDB isn't the only educational outfit damn-fool enough to put up with that sort of thing.

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