Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Who's Using Gandhi for the Purposes of Semi-Covert Da'wa? Any Hindus Out There Bothered By That?

Waiting for my son at the bus stop this afternoon, I spied the following on the side of a TTC bus:

FYI, the Hussain in question is the grandson of Islam's founder.

The bus ad directed me to this website. Search as I might, I could find no specifics as to who is actually behind a campaign designed to persuade people that this Hussain fellow is "a universal figure of inspiration."

Update: According to this Islamic message board, Iran is funding it. My question: did anyone at the TTC bother to conduct any due diligence here, or did the powers that be there decide to stick this sucker on their vehicles unconcerned about the funder(s) because the message seems so peace-y?

Update: BCF confirms that it is the Khomeinists. Boy, someone at the TTC is sure asleep at the switch, especially since Canada severed diplomatic relations with Iran last September.

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