Saturday, February 23, 2013

Jason Kenney's Lame Explanation for Consorting With the Jaffari Khomeinists

BCF brought us the sorry story here. Michele Zilio of iPolitics elaborates here:
iPolitics has learned that Immigration Minister Jason Kenney toured an Islamic community centre linked with an outspoken pro-Khomeini imam [Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi]  in Thornhill, Ont...
Rizvi told iPolitics Friday he met Kenney during the minister’s visit to the community centre. He said a small group of 10 people took part in a presentation. After the presentation, president of the ISIJ Aliraza Rajani gave the minister a tour of the community centre.
“The president just described the community centre. I talked about the centre. The minister gave a brief talk and then there was an opportunity for question, answers — about ten minutes,” said Rizvi. “The presentation … was about appreciating minorities and the Shia, especially from East Africa, that have migrated to this part of the world.”
Rizvi confirmed he is one of the founders of the Ahlul Bayt Assembly of Canada, a federation of Shia Muslim organizations in Canada.
Kenney’s director of communications Ana Curic said the minister was invited to the meeting.
“I think this government’s track record in relation to the Iranian government is clear,” said Curic. ”Minister Kenney was invited and attended a meeting to learn about the inter-faith programs and events in which they participate and attend, as well as their partnership with a nearby synagogue.”...
Those Khomeinists get a lot of mileage from this alleged partnership (which largely amounts to their sharing a parking lot). That enables them to claim that their beef is not with Jewry per se but with "Zionists." Mr. Kenney of all people should be wise to this tomfoolery, and should have given it as wide a berth as possible.

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