Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ontarians Cough Up Nearly 200Gs to Find Out Why Muslim Chicks Wear Hijabs, Niqabs

As in all Trillium Grants, copious paperwork had to be completed and much bureaucracy engaged before this one could get the go-ahead:

CANADIAN COUNCIL OF MUSLIM WOMEN 11/1/2011$191,000 over two years to conduct research with Muslim women who wear the hijab or niqab to increase understanding of why Canadian Muslim women choose to wear the veil and what that means in a Canadian context in order to support civic engagement and better inform service provision. $191,000.00

I don't know if the study has been completed--I could find no trace of it on the Internet. But they could have saved much time and time had they merely consulted me. My conclusion based on years of inquiry into such matters: I'm pretty certain Muslim women wear these head coverings either because they think want to or they think they have to--or for both reasons. In the Canadian context, that means non-moderate Muslims feel comfortable enough to wear these symbols of fundamentalist Islam, well, practically everywhere you look these days, at least in the multiculti Trudeaupia of Toronto. What this betokens for "service provision" depends entirely on what sort of "services" one is hoping to provide.
No need to pay me for that info. Consider it my gift to you, my fellow Ontarians.

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it's a nonsense to say that the niqab, or the hijab, or jilbab, as they call Islamic head-scarves here in Indonesia, is a must for Muslims.
In our local suermarket, most of the (very pretty) girls dont wear head-coverings, except during Ramadan. And they are surely at least 80 percent Muslim. It's purely an affectation, sometimes chosen, often imposed by elders or hubands.