Saturday, February 23, 2013

Canucki Writers Get Nekkid for "Freedom of Expression"

Not that they've come out against state censorship/Section 13: that would be, you know, too "out there" and right-wing-y. No, they're paying lip service to the concept by boldly and bravely...shucking their gotchies:
Twelve Canadian authors will be featured in the nearly-nude for the 2014 Bare It for Books calendar. They are:
  • January: Angie Abdou 
  • February: Trevor Cole
  • March: Farzana Doctor
  • April: Dave Bidini
  • May: Miranda Hill
  • June: Daniel MacIvor
  • July: Yasuko Thanh 
  • August: Terry Fallis
  • September: Sachiko Murakami
  • October: Vincent Lam
  • November: Saleema Nawaz
  • December: Yann Martel
They're doing it for a good cause too. Money raised from the calendar will go to PEN Canada, a free-speech advocacy group. Young says the organization perfectly exemplifies what Bare It For Books is all about. 
"Authors bare their souls everyday on the page. This is a manifestation of that. They're physically baring it all. Free speech is very important," she said. "We're very lucky to have that in Canada and we're lucky to express ourselves the way we want. PEN is trying to make that a right for everyone."...
Newsflash for you, authors: we don't have that in Canada, at least not officially. So unless you're willing to stand up and condemn state censorship, do us all a favour and put your knickers back on.

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