Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"None Is Too Many" Revisited (and Maybe Redux?)

Irving Abella, one of the authors of the book about Canada's wretched history re European Jewry slated for destruction who begged to be let in but were cruelly rebuffed, takes a look at the country today. In general, he is pleased by what he sees:
Today’s Canada is far different – generous, open, decent, humane. Multiculturalism is now an integral part of Canadian policy and diversity is encouraged. Yet at a moment when intolerance seems to be the global growth industry of the new century, the lessons of None Is Too Many should not be ignored. Immigration and refugee policies still divide Canadians. There remain significant pockets of discrimination and racism. Nazi war criminals and collaborators, thousands of whom were welcomed into this country immediately after the war, still live freely among us. Clearly, we still have much left to learn from our checkered past. 
To our surprise, since its publication, None Is Too Many has taken on a life of its own.  
We thought it would never be more than a disturbing piece of history describing a shameful period of the Canadian past. Instead, it has become an ethical yardstick against which contemporaneous government policies are gauged. We take pride that our book is often cited in debates over refugee and immigration policy and is often credited with helping make these policies more humane.
As always, though, a truer picture of what's what emerges in the Globe and Mail comments, many of which appear to be penned by immigrants from the Muslim world where Zionhass is akin to mother's milk. Their thoughts re Israel and Jewry elicit this response from another reader:
Abella should read comments here in the Globe.

The anti-jew and anti-Israel bias is frightening, especially knowing that it is coming from a demographic that is immigrating into Canada at a rapid pace, reproducing at a rate which is far higher than that of the population average, and through the Internet is closer culturally to their country of origin than to Canada.

And their children are more radicalized than the parents!

Abella no doubt knows what Jews in France, Britain, Brussels, Sweden, and other Europeans think about their future in those places thanks to massive third world immigration from countries where jews are hated above all others. There is no jewish future in Europe, much as there is no Christian future in the Middle East.

Does Abella believe that Canada will be any different in a generation? His feel good message may resonate with a previous generation, but to my generation it just sounds like he is hiding from the truth and running away from the fight.
Exactly. When even Jason Kenney consorts with known Khomeinists in a bid to keep the multiculti crapola au courant, you know that we're in big trouble.

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