Wednesday, February 27, 2013

G&M Columnist Lawrence Martin: Justin T. IS Ready for Prime Time Because of Who He Is

What follows are what might laughingly be called Martin's arguments:
For starters, Mr. Trudeau has about the same amount of experience as Stephen Harper did when he sought the Alliance Party leadership in 2002. Mr. Harper was roughly the same age and had served about the same number of years in Parliament. Mr. Trudeau was a teacher. Although Mr. Harper likes to call himself an economist, he wasn’t. He had a graduate degree in economics but no real job experience in the discipline. He did have some executive experience as head of a small right-wing lobby group, the National Citizens Coalition, and as policy director for the Reform Party. 
But to argue that he was better prepared would be to forget a big advantage Mr. Trudeau has over everyone in the experience department. You want political seasoning? How about being raised since birth in the cauldron of power? How about living all your early life at 24 Sussex Dr., son of a prime minister?
I wouldn't go there if I were you, Larry, because of this sad-but-true reality: Despite having been raised in a "cauldron of power" (sounds uncomfortable; can you buy those things at Costco?) at the prime minister's address, how about it being obvious that you've inherited your mother's looks--and your mother's brains?

Update: What did he get from "Uncle" Fidel, Larry?

Update: Peter Worthington says Justin is be an actor. Maybe.

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