Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hamas, Fatah: Same Diff

When Obama deigns to grace the Jewish state with his presence in coming weeks, he will no doubt try to pressure Netanyahu to restart "peace" talks the PA. But since, as per this report, the two strands of Palestinian leadership are doing their utmost to try to reconcile (so they can focus on their common goal of terminating Jewish sovereignty over Israel), that would be, in a word, insane:
Hamas is attending the board meeting of the Yasser Arafat Foundation for the first time at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo on Thursday. 
Hamas deputy politburo chief Moussa Abu Marzouq will address the foundation's board of trustees for its sixth meeting, attended by league secretary-general Nabil al-Arabi, the head of the foundation Nasser al-Qidra told Ma'an news agency. 
Abu Marzouq will brief the foundation about reconciliation, al-Qidra said. 
Fatah leader Azzam al-Ahmad will also address the conference. 
"My brother Moussa Abu Marzouq and I will submit a report regarding what we have reached with reconciliation and the importance of accomplishing it as soon as possible," he said...
"Politburo chief"? And here I though politburos were retired when the Berlin Wall came down. Who knew that Hamas, the Gaza branch of the Muslim Brotherhoood, was keeping the Soviet tradition alive?

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