Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ceeb Wishful Thinking--"Is Marxism Facing a Rebirth?"

It isn't, really, because it has never worked anywhere at any time and serves only to empower a very few and tyrannize the majority. But that doesn't stop Ceeb radio stalwart The Sunday Edition from giving voice to several Marxists who make a case for Karl's crackpot theories:
If you thought that the collapse of the Soviet Union, the rise of raging capitalism in China, and the slow crumble of Castro's revolution meant the death of Marxism, you thought wrong. Reports of its demise are wildly premature. In fact, its vital signs are stronger than ever, following the financial system's cataclysm of 2008. 
Karl Marx's tool kit is newly in vogue: copies of his Das Kapital are reportedly flying off the shelves in Germany. A Japanese cartoon version was a publishing sensation. And a song and dance musical rendition wowed them in Shanghai. Even Pope Benedict had good words for the "intellect and analytical skillls" of the godless Marx, while condemning the world he helped usher in. Just this week, disciples blew out 165 birthday candles for The Communist Manifesto
The resurging interest in Marxism is hard to gauge, and there are serious limits to nostalgia for old-style communist regimes. But Marxists are feeling vindicated by Karl's long view...
Yeah, old Karl really had a handle on things, didn't he?

Update: A song from Das Kapital, the musical:

Lenin and Stalin and a cat named Mao
Ruined their nations with Karl's thoughts--and how!
Castro in Cuba and other offshoots.
These are a few of Karl's bitterest fruits.
When the Ceeb sneers,
Academe stews,
Barry O doth bitch,
We simply remember disastrous old times
And cries of, "Let's soak the rich!"

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