Monday, August 19, 2013

"It's War, You Idiots"

Michael Ledeen writes re the pathological disinclination to see the big picture:
It’s hard to get our minds around the dimensions of the slaughter underway in the Middle East and Africa, and harder still to see that the battlefields of Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Nigeria and Mali are pieces in a global war in which we are targeted.  For the most part, the deep thinkers zero in on the single battlefields.  What if anything should we do about the big fight in Egypt?  Should we assist the Syrian opposition?  What to do in Lebanon or Jordan? Should we respond positively to the Iraqi government’s request for security assistance?  Is anyone thinking hard about Tunisia, likely to be the scene of the next explosions? 
It could not be otherwise, since our government, our universities, our news organizations and our think tanks are all primarily organized to deal with countries, and our analysts, policy makers and military strategists inevitably think inside those boxes.  We don’t have an assistant secretary of defense for global strategy (FOOTNOTE:  actually we do, his name is Andrew Marshall, he’s a sprightly genius of 92 years, and he runs a largely ignored corner of the Pentagon called “Net Assessment”), but we do have one for the Near East and South Asia.  And there’s hardly a professor in America who is talking about the fundamental change in the nature of global affairs in which we are enmeshed, the paradigm shift from the post-World War II world dominated by the United States and the Soviet Union, to…we know not what. 
So there’s a global war, we’re the main target of the aggressors, and our leaders don’t see it and therefore have no idea how to win it...

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Carlos Perera said...

If the Japanese had waited until at least the late 1970s to attack Pearl Harbor, they could have gotten away with it simply by denying stridently that all of those planes and ships with the rising sun insignias, and all that Japanese-language signal traffic, had anything to do with them . . . then immediately following up the denial with a loud accusation of RACISM! against the U. S. government for even countenancing the possibility that Japan could be responsible for a sneak attack (which, of course, would be "codespeak" connoting sneaky little yellow people). Gosh, we (in the West) are all so progressive now.