Friday, April 15, 2016

It's the "Incorrigible Ignorance," Stupid

Thank you, Thomas Sowell, for explaining why a certain Mr. Trump is unfit for the top office:
Trump himself has demonstrated, over and over, how he lacks the depth of knowledge — and sometimes any knowledge — of complex life and death issues that are inescapable for any president. 
Ignorance is dangerous enough. But ignorance on the part of an egomaniac, who announces that he is his own best advisor, is incorrigible ignorance. 
He can surround himself with the best minds in the country and it will not do any good if they are just there for window dressing.
Also--it's a question of character:
Elections are not held to make us feel good, but to select someone with the depth of knowledge and character to be entrusted with our lives and the future of the nation.
I get Trump's appeal; I really do. After eight years of Obama's apologies and wimpitude, it is thrilling to hear someone stand up and say, "Enough! That's it! No more!"
However, if the person who's saying it lacks the knowledge and character to follow through on his pie-in-the-sky promises, and if he has shown himself to be a petulant blowhard who can't even figure out Colorado's "complicated" delegate designation process, it is clear that he is not the messiah he claims to be.

Trump's pie in the sky: half-baked and kind of nutty.


Holding My Nose said...

So what will you do when he wins in Nov? Move to Canada?

scaramouche said...

He won't win--and I already live in Canada.