Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My Letter In the National Post--and What Was Left Out

The letter, a response to a NatPo editorial calling for the UN to lay off Israel for once, appears in today's paper:
There’s an obvious reason for the United Nations’ “fixation on Israel.” Of the UN’s 192 members, 56 also belong to the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation and the OIC, which is comprised of the world’s Muslim and Muslim-majority nations, is the UN’s largest voting bloc by far. By comparison, there are only a few nations that can be called democracies. 
There is only one very small — and much despised — Jewish state, one that has the chutzpah to insist on its right to exist on a sliver of land the OIC sees as part and parcel of its vast Islamic domain. Under such a construct, how could Israel ever hope to catch a break?
FYI, here's the final para, which didn't make it in:
If there's any consolation here, it's the knowledge that Jew-hate, the latest version of which is Israel-hate, inevitably destroys its host. That being so, and barring the calamitous--an Iranian nuke dropped on Tel Aviv, say--I predict Israel will be around long after the UN and its various Israel-hating bodies (including the UN Human Rights Council, that ridiculous, anti-Israel "circus," as Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu has called it) have imploded.

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