Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bernie Goldberg 'Apologizes' to Jon Stewart

The HuffPo seems ecstatic that scourge of leftists Bernie Goldberg has offered a mea culpa to smug Comedy Central talking head Jon Stewart. (Comedy Central, you'll recall, is the "edgy" channel that took, oh, around 3.5 seconds before deciding to capitulate to some heretofore obscure Muhammad aficionado who had pointed out that a sassy Dutchman had had his head almost completely severed from his neck for saying some "funny" things about Islam's founder. Quicker than you can say "jihad is the way, sharia is the goal" CC removed the offending Mo-in-a-bear-suit bits from a South Park episode.) Goldberg agreed with Stewart that FOX News tends to make sweeping generalizations about liberals, which is downright unfair. At that point, "apology" out of the way, Goldberg got down to the nitty-gritty--excoriating Stewart. In the HuffPo's words, he went on
to criticize Stewart for what he said was his own hypocrisy. Specifically, Goldberg claimed Stewart allows liberals like Frank Rich to generalize without going after them.
"Jon, if you have an ounce of introspection, you may want to take this seriously," Goldberg said. "If you just want to be a funny man, who talks to an audience that will laugh at anything you say, that's okay with me, no problem. But if clearly you want to be a social commentator, more than just a comedian and if you want to be a good one, you better find some guts because even though you criticize liberals as well as conservatives, congratulations on that, when you had Frank Rich on your show, who generalizes all the time about conservatives and Republicans being bigots, you didn't ask him a single tough question. You gave him a lap dance. You practically had your tongue down his throat."
Goldberg warned Stewart that if he doesn't go after the left to the same degree that he goes after the right, "you are not nearly as edgy as you think you are. You are just a safe Jay Leno with a much smaller audience."
Ouch. That's gotta hurt.

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