Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dudley (Do-Right) Does Kandahar

In Canada these days, the wimpish constabulary is content to sit back and allow angry mobs to, say, imperil Zionists and shut down campus lectures by "bigoted" American blondes. Ah, but import them to a war scene, and they suddenly become brave and all-powerful, as per this from the Ceeb:
Canadian combat troops are slated to leave Afghanistan next summer, but RCMP Commissioner William Elliott said Saturday he expects his personnel will have to stay behind to undertake the "huge challenge" of training police officers.

About 50 RCMP and other civilian Canadian police are posted to Afghanistan as part of a mission to train the Afghan National Police. The ANP, as its known, has had a reputation for roadside shakedowns and graft that Canadian officials hope mentoring, training and supervision will eradicate...
Let me get this straight. They're afraid to deal with rowdies here in Canada, but they're going to train corrupt primitifs in an area where roadside bombs set by jihadis are an ongoing hazard?

M'kay. And maybe once they're finished in Afghanistan, they can come home and "mentor" some Somalis.

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