Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Moderates" Don't Get It

In an interview with Jamie Glazov, Canadian TV chat-chick Christine Williams notices something odd, something incoherent, about "moderate" Muslims:
I’ve noticed something peculiar about “moderate” Muslims: they are mostly leftists, yet liberal policies are the very ones steering the country more toward what they escaped under Sharia and what they continue to fight against. It was moderates who intervened to reverse a plan for Sharia law in Liberal Ontario. Under the old regimes from where moderates came, Religion and State are oppressively intertwined, so when Conservatives even mention the need to protect our Judeo-Christian roots, it triggers a theocratic association and with it an irrational fear of being targeted for discrimination under a racist, Judeo-Christian rule. They don’t get it. It’s not that anyone wants to preach religion from Parliament or The White House. It’s about protecting the very freedoms that attracts immigrants here. Back home they have been historically brainwashed from young about the Great Satan America with her lackeys in Canada, especially the conservatives– so there’s confusion accentuated by the Leftist illusion about being champions of the oppressed.
Interestingly enough, "moderate" Jews seem to be labouring under the same delusions.

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