Sunday, April 25, 2010

Harpoon Defends Threadbare Doctrine, Tres Disappointed by Canadian 'Liberals'

Harpoon Siddiqui loves multiculturalism, the Trudeaupian tripe foisted on us decades ago that has brought the worst aspects of the old country right here to Canada. What with seething Sikhs, creeping sharia and zesty campus Zionhass, though, the doctrine is defintitely showing its age. Not that Harpoon is prepared to see the decrepitude. No, as far as he's concerned, multiculti is fresh as a daisy. The problem is that certain card-carrying Liberals--and he does name names--are disrespecting the doctine and, even worse, are behaving exactly like--gasp!--conservatives:
...[Ujjal] Dosanjh, an otherwise sensible politician, is spouting populist nonsense [about Sikhs]. He is a Liberal giving credence to illiberal notions of multiculturalism and its founding document, the Charter of Rights.

But then, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is not much of a liberal, either. Take his support of Quebec's draconian bill to deprive all public services, even health care, to Muslim taxpayers who don the niqab.

His position is distressingly similar to Stephen Harper's and Nicolas Sarkozy's and others in Europe toying with the totalitarian notion of anti-veil morality squads...
So who is a "liberal" these days, Harpoon? You? That line about totalitarian morality squads (along with much of your other writing) tends to argue otherwise, putting  you squarely in the leftoid control freak/authoritarian camp--which hardly qualifies as classic liberalism and is more (much more) like a version of sharia-lite.


Blazingcatfur said...

I see the comments at the Star show a great deal of disagreement with Haroon.

Paul said...

Harpoon Siddiqui would better serve The Star's Liberal readership by writing about something he actually knows something about. Like, the challenges short men with small penises have in finding a proper fitting athletic cup.

Kaffir_Kanuck said...

Paul, you're so right, in more ways than one. I picture a near empty auditorium as he and his ilk drone on about the short comings of those who have deviated from the Leftist vision, only failing to realize his fly is down.