Thursday, April 29, 2010

How "Profound"--and Yet How Utterly, Depressingly Clueless

The Ceej toots its own horn (because, hey, if it doesn't, who will?), posting this piece from the CJN about a Ceej "interfaith" event. (On the q.t., I hear it was kind of a bust--certainly nothing to brag about.) I especially enjoyed this para, which captures multiculi cluelessness in all its willfully ignorant and insidious glory:
The members of the panel discussion all expressed the commonalities between the Christian, Muslim and Jewish faiths and all stressed the importance of that recognition. The panel discussion contained references to the Quran and the Talmud in an attempt to show their similarities. In [General Secretary of the United Church's Nora] Saunders portion of the discussion, she describes how conflict is a result of the lack of knowledge of the opposing side involved. In her speech she describes a Palestinian youth who describes their first encounter with an Israeli to be an encounter with an Israeli soldier. Similarly, she mentions how an Israeli youth may only meet a Palestinian for the first time while enlisted in the army. Saunders described this to be the reason for a lack of understanding between the future generations involved in the Middle Eastern conflict.
Actually, Nora, the reason for "a lack of understanding" is that the Quran abominates Jewry as being the apogee of iniquity and the lowest of the low. The Israel-Palestinian imbroglio is merely the latest manifestation of that age-old contempt. Another reason for the lack of understanding--and one can hardly stress this enough--is that "jihad is the way, sharia is the goal," a statement that could not be any clearer in expressing Islam's long-term goals, not only for the world's one lone and tiny Jewish State, but for all mankind.

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Josephine said...

Sure, UCC woman, blame Israel for needing soldiers, as if they are simply warmongers who frighten and alienate the poor, innocent Gazans and West Bankians.

Did anyone in that meeting stand up and correct her?