Monday, April 19, 2010

Xtra Wants to Par-tay Like It's 9/10

Gay/lesbian (hey, what happened to the rest of the sexual identity letters?) rag Xtra thinks taxpayers should foot the bill for the Pride Parade, even though it's been hijacked by the same kind of zesty Zionhass that has become a regular feature on university campuses. After all, "reasons" the Xtra scribbler,
Did the province, as a response, cut off funding to the University of Ottawa for failing to suppress IAW? Well, no, right?
Well, no. But does the U of O pay for a hands, knees and whoopsey daisy Zionhass parade down, say, Bank Street? I don't think so.
Clearly, Xtra thinks the city should cough up the cash no matter what--a sense of entitlement it seems to share with the denizens of Palestine House. I wonder: how would the crotch-grabbing, zipper lowering and other crude sexual gestures have gone over had it been gays protesting a anti-gay speaker instead of Jews/Zionists protesting a genocidal anti-Israel speaker at P.H.? Would the incident have received greater media coverage? Would authorities have taken it more seriously and been inclined to lay criminal "hate" charges? In the victim group pecking order, just where do gays rank vis-a-vis Palestinians/Muslims? (Yes, I know, I know--some Palestinians are Christian. But they don't exactly side with the Jews, now do they?) Personally, my sense is that, since gays are unlikely to flip out and run riot--and since authorities don't fear them--they would be as plum out of luck as the Jews were/are.


Osh said...

I heard a fellow on CFRB (Toronto) today defending the "Pride" position that they should receive funding no matter what the politics involved. And I couldn't help wondering -- why do we, the taxpayers, fund any parades at all? I have to admit, I wouldn't miss the traffic tie-ups every weekend in the summer.

So what will be their position when the gay Nazis want to have a place in the parade? (Oh, silly me. That's what this is all about in the first place.)

It only goes to show you -- Pride goeth before a fall.

paladin3001 said...

Funny thing. Yesterday I was out with a good friend and we were visiting a few of her gay friends down in the Church area. They mentioned this whole controversy and I told them what was behind it. Believe it or not they weren't aware of the hijacking and the overt hate speech from the QAIA last year. Once they learned about it they were disgusted.