Friday, April 23, 2010

Jen Goes Native

One might have thought that, what with the CHRC's dedication to the Trudeaupian values articulated in Canada's "Human Rights" Act, the organization would have a thing or two to say about the way aboriginals are given leave to discriminate to their heart's content courtesy the Indian Act. If I'm reading Commissar-in-Chief Jennifer Lynch's remarks correctly, though, the recent controversy re non-Native spouses of natives being summarily banished from their homes because of their paucity of Native blood appears not to have even shown up on her GPS. No, Jen is far more concerned about extending CHRC power (what else is new?) so that her outfit gets to have a say in determining whose blood is pure enough to be accorded official Native status. At the same time, though, Dainty Jen wants to be super-duper careful not to tread on Native toes.

To review: By virtue of the Indian Act, Canadian Natives are free to discriminate against non-Natives, and even break up their marriages; by virtue of Canada's "Human Rights" Act, aboriginals are accorded special victim group status, and must not be discriminated against.

Kind of a win-win situation for them, wouldn't you say?

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