Friday, April 23, 2010

How the Muslims Invented the Modern World

The Canadian Charger makes the astonishing claim that we have Muslims to thank for...well, for virtually everything:
You could hardly call Islamic civilization "lost" - not in the sense of fabled Atlantis, for example -- but few people today know very much about it, or are even conscious of how many aspects of Western society owe their very existence to Islamic roots.
In some way, we all come in daily contact with microchips, space travel, medicine, physical sciences, mathematics, engineering, music, literature,arts, architecture, and spirituality.

But do any of us – including contemporary Muslims themselves - fully realize how directly all of these advances and disciplines have been built upon more than a millennium of achievements by Muslim scientists, scholars, engineers and artists?

Probably not...
Wow. It's amazing how they managed to come up with all that super-advanced stuff, given that most Muslim nations are despotic backwaters and not exactly on the cutting edge of anything other than machete sharpening. Do you think maybe the CC editorialist was mixing up Muslims with some other people?


paladin3001 said...

I clicked through to read the article. Wow, so many mis-representations of history it was humourous. You could rip apart that screed easily with a little internet search. I dislike the common misconception of the "1000 year Dark Ages" and how the renaissance just seemed to explode out of nothing.

scaramouche said...

Let's not forget all those Muslim Nobel Prize winners:

Jim R said...

Now you have one example of what our kids are getting for an education in public madrassas.