Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The 'Context' of Genocide

Europe's favourite Muslim intellectual, slippery Salafist Tariq Ramadan, has  landed in America to edify and bamboozle the infidels. The other night, appearing with a panel of experts (including Obama's Muslim rep, who's essentially a chick Ramadan), he had a go at "contextualizing" the Grand Mufti's support for the Nazis' Final Solution. David Horowitz comments:
...The discussion got really interesting when [moderator George] Packer brought up the fact that Ramadan’s grandfather had declared the Hitlerite grand mufti of Jerusalem — the father of Palestinian nationalism — a hero and helped to save him from being tried as a war criminal after the Holocaust was over. Ramadan contextualized this, saying his grandfather would not support a Nazi except as a nationalist and only supported the mufti because he opposed Zionism. Precisely. “Kill the Jews” is what the Palestinian cause and the Muslim Brotherhood are about, and why both seek to destroy the only democracy in the Middle East and the only state that is tolerant towards others. Packer held his ground manfully but neglected to mention that Ramadan’s grandfather had Mein Kampf translated into Arabic in the thirties and that the war against Israel in the hands of the Brotherhood and its offspring Hamas is a war against the Jews in precisely the sense that the Nazis conducted its precursor. In fact, the mufti — who is the George Washington of the Palestinian cause — was conducting a genocidal campaign against the Jews in the Twenties before Hitler got his going. Joan Wallach Scott supported Ramadan’s contextualization throughout, even when it came to rationalizing the murder of her own people.
When it was over I took a shower.
Somehow, I doubt it helped.

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