Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Un-patriotic? Or Just Great Big Dhimmi Scaredy-Cats?

You be the judge:
The English rate themselves the least patriotic nation in Europe, a poll suggests.
Almost half said their country had lost its identity in the face of European interference and political correctness.
The findings were published in advance of St George’s Day which, as two thirds of those polled did not know, is on April 23 – this Friday.
'Scared': English people said they fear being branded racist if they fly the St George flag.
They showed that on average, English people rate their patriotism at slightly below six on a scale out of ten, behind the Scots, Welsh and Irish and far in the wake of the Dutch, the most patriotic people on the continent.
Only one in ten would happily fly the cross of St George to celebrate the national saint’s day.
Double that number said they thought they would be told by authorities to remove it if they flew it from their house.
Despite calls from public figures ranging from Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu to Gordon Brown for more celebrations of the English national day, there has been clear disapproval from many public authorities.
In 2008 St George's Day parades were banned by local authorities in Bradford and Sandwell in the West Midlands on the grounds they could cause trouble or were 'unhealthy' and 'tribal'...
Not that being "the most patriotic people on the contintent" seems to be doing the Dutch "tribe" much good, Islamization-wise.

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