Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cleaning Up 'filthyjewishterrorists' Act

If you read former U of T and York U student Salman Hossain's favourite website, as is, of course it reads like a kooky, cranky Judenhass site. (Not that Hossain's hateful rants which satisfy critera for criminal hate speech have landed his sorry butt in front of a judge, as it would have has his name been, say, Ernst Zundel.) However, here's an easy way to turn our frown upside down: Every time you read the world "Jew," "Jewish" or "Zionist" on the site, change it to another word: Muslim. (Makes a great deal of sense, since much of what appears here is purely a matter of hateful projection.) Hence, instead of "Jews Did Lockerbie"--a patent falsehood--chance it to the truth, i.e. a Muslim Did Lockerbie. Or how about this one--"Jews Planning a Terror Attack in British Columbia?" Nope. But Muslims planning one? Certainly far more likely, since they're got that jihad thing going for them.

And, hey, if we change the name of the website to, the entire site immediately become far less kooky/cranky, and authorities can thereby justify their non-actions re Hossain's obvious hate crimes.

Update: Any minute now authorities are going to complete their thorough-going investigation of a hate-speaker, and hold him to account for his crimes. Or maybe--and from reading the following article in the Jewish Tribune, I think this scenario is far more likely--authorities aren't planning to do much of anything at all, since the dude is no longer a going concern at York. As such, they can now brush the unpleasantness under their magic dhimmi carpet (where lots of Muslim Jew-hate goes, never to be seen again) and the whole thing can be forgotten as soon as is dhimmily possible. Here's the article (with the WTF? parts in bolds):
TORONTO –Salmon Hossain, the Bangladeshi-Canadian York University student alleged to be operating an Arizona-based hate-mongering site – – has been deregistered from York University. However, the site is still up and running with current postings (e.g., ‘Jews Attempting Terrorist Attacks Again in Turkey, April 17, 2010).
“I can’t comment on what steps the police are planning to take,” Howard Leibovic, deputy director, Crown Law Office-Criminal, told the Jewish Tribune. “I can’t speak to what the police know.”
Well, the police must know at least as much as we know, since they, like us, must have read this. And, as the Ceej's Bernie Farber said, this info ought to have made criminals charges "a slam dunk." So far, though, the basketball has failed to make it through the net, and the provincial Clouseaus continue their painstaking inevstigations:
Regarding the 60-day limit for decisions on formal requests for charges, “the 60 days didn’t begin yet,” he said. “It starts when we get a formal request from police.”
Hey, no rush. Take all the time you need. Perhaps the OPP media guy can shed some light on reason for the snail's paced of the probe:
Ontario Provincial Police Sgt. Pierre Chamberland, media  relations, said its “hate crimes and extremism unit is investigating the occurrence of the web site, where there have been some concerns expressed because of the hate content. It’s an ongoing investigation.”
Some concerns expressed? You can say that again, sarge. Hands up everyone who thinks the sarge wouldn't sound nearly so blase had the hate speech in question been of the "Nazi"/White Power variety. No doubt the York U spokesthingy can help get a handle on the situtation:
Keith Marnoch, spokesperson  for York University, explained the decision to de-register Hossain, as opposed to expulsion. “Expulsion in some academic circles doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t return. De-registration in our vernacular has to do with the validity of a student’s status with us. During this investigationperiod, aside from the tribunal, information was brought to our attention concerning his status as a student and he was removed. There is no expectation of his return.”
Well, that was about as clear as mud. Is spokesguy saying that "delisting" is worse than "expulsion," since it means you can never come back? Or is he saying you can come back if you've been "delisted," even though that's not the expectation? And say the unexpected does come to pass, and Hossain happens to show up one day? What then?

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