Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Equity, Shmequity, Lay Off the Kids, Dalton

Here's what Ontario's creepy premier thinks the young'uns should be learning in school, part of the province's new sex ed curriculum (with its kooky rationale highlighted by moi):
Ontario is introducing an updated health and physical education curriculum this fall in all publicly funded schools.

Children in Grade 1 will be taught to identify male and female genitalia, where the previous curriculum referred only generally to body parts.

In Grade 3, students will learn about differences -- visible and invisible -- between people, such as learning abilities, gender identity and sexual orientation.

This curriculum introduces possible "teacher prompts" that, although not mandatory, suggest how instructors can address issues such as same-sex parents and masturbation. The ministry said the inclusion of same-sex families reflects a commitment to equity and inclusive education.

Another "prompt" shows how a teacher might talk to students about "erections, wet dreams and vaginal lubrication" as normal things that happen with puberty.
A "prompt" for eight-year-olds? Really? More to the point, must we? Couldn't we, for the sake of the children--the children--defer the ideological brainwashing/lubrication lessons for a year or two?

My McGuinty poem:

Here's Dalton McGuinty's "wet dream"
Which harps on the usual theme:
Purity's strictly ideological,
And not biological,
And P.C. is our value supreme.

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