Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Laugh? I Thought I'd Barf

Obama's National Security Advisor apologizes for telling a "joke" about a Jewish merchant who, er, Jews a Taliban fighter. (h/t MK).

Well, as least he didn't refer to NYC as "Hymietown."


Paul said...

Let's not be too thin skinned about things. It's actually an old joke that is intended to be good-natured and admiring of the Jews.

I know it doesn't come off that way if you're a serious minded or insecure person but I'd cut the good man a bit of slack. It's not like we're Muslims or Jesse Jackson now is it?

paladin3001 said...

Okay paul, how about telling a black joke at the Black Congress for the states, or a Newfie joke in a bar in St. Johns? It may be an old joke, it may be good natured, but the venue was wrong. As well the fall guy was described as a Taliban WARRIOR! Taliban are terrorists, nothing noble about them that the term warrior implies.

Paul said...

yes, the venue was all wrong and definitely it was politically incorrect. So what? Are we that insecure to get all worked up about it? Should we send the morality police after him? He screwed up and DID apologize, so let's not make a mountain out of a mole-hill shall we?

The only thing I would fault the General with is being a bad joke teller. (The joke is actually pretty funny if you get the timing right.)

... sorry, while the Taliban may be terrorists, they most definitely are WARRIORS and good for the commander to be as clear and pragmatic in defining the enemy as such.