Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Freaky Coinkidink

Get a load of the name of the judge who's hearing the George Galloway case (from the G&M):
The two noisy demonstrations that faced off against each other on a downtown Toronto street Monday underlined the intense feelings focused on George Galloway, the iconoclastic British MP who was prevented from coming to Canada last year for a speaking tour.
About four dozen protesters, who wanted the court to quash the government decision that kept Mr. Galloway out of Canada, chanted “Defend free speech!” as they lined the sidewalk in front of the office building where the Federal Court of Canada sits.
A few feet away, another two dozen people brought in by the Jewish Defence League of Canada waved Israeli flags and tried to shout the others down with cries of “No support for terrorism!"
Inside the court, the hearing in front of Mr. Justice Richard Mosley was postponed until Wednesday, because one of the lawyers, Barbara Jackman, had injured her foot in an early-morning fall and wanted to have it checked out in hospital...
What are the odds? Looks like two Mosleys will be present in the courtroom--the judge and the new Oswald.

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