Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jon Stewart Tries to Have it Both Ways

Jon Stewart of Comedy Central has impressed some on the right with his bold defense of network compadres, those South Park dudes. You'll recall that the two transgressives (remember when they cross-dressed at the Oscars?) made fun of infidel timorousness re Islam by showing a cartoon bear. But let's look at Stewart's full statement. Sure, at first he stands up foursquare for free speech and the right to poke fun at anything and everything. But then his spine seems to liquify and his cojones become two sizes too small (my bolds):

While Mr. Stewart came down heavily in favor of his “good friends and colleagues, Trey and Matt,” he said of Comedy Central: “It’s their right. We all serve at their pleasure. I have, more than once, been called out of my home on a Sunday to dance for the head of programming at his winter chalet.”
Mr. Stewart said Comedy Central had probably censored the “South Park” episode to protect its employees “from possible harmful repercussions.” “Although,” he added, “after forcing many of these same employees to work on ‘Mind of Mencia’ and ‘Krod Mandoon,’ damage done. But again, they sign the checks.”
Way to suck up to the check-signers, Jon.

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