Sunday, April 22, 2012

Good for Confucius Maybe, But Is It Good for Canada?

The sages over at the Toronto District School Board have just announced that they've signed a "formal Confucius agreement with China."

Not any old ordinary agreement, you'll note, but a "formal" one, which makes it, like, really important.

What, you may well be asking, is a Confucius agreement, formal or otherwise? Well, it involves China's Confucius Institutes, which according to this
are non-profit public institutions aligned with the Government of the People's Republic of China that aim to promote Chinese language and culture, support local Chinese teaching internationally, and facilitate cultural exchanges.
Sounds a little like the Comintern, no?

I realize that Canada is looking to do big business with China, but must our local school board really sign an agreement with the Chinese government to bring the "culture" of their unfree, Communist land to Canada? Here's a thought: how about the TDSB do its utmost to try to help Chinese kids become more acculturated to, you know, Canada, and our culture of democracy and freedom?


Peter said...

"... sounds a little like the Comintern, no?"
Well, no, actually.
I've lived and worked in China and Hong Kong for the past 36 years and have got to know the Confucius Institutes through an education business I had here. They are what they say they are -- teaching Chinese language and culture. They are resolutely apolitical.
And if anyone says that learning Chinese language and culture is in and of itself a Communist conspiracy or not worth doing, well, then my flabber is just so gasted. Of course it's worth study; it's fascinating and rewarding.

I've many times said that China is essentially "on our side" in the existential struggle with "the big I". They are not out to destroy us and have a big stake in a constructive world, not the destructive one of fanatical Islam. So let's keep our focus on the real battle, and leave off China for bit.

BTW, having dealings with China, as I do, I'm not rosy-eyed or dewy-brained about the place. It's full of corruption and egregious treatment of some of its citizens. Still, that's a different issue and one the leadership, at least, is well aware of and endeavoring to tackle.

Peter F
Hong Kong.

Unknown said...

Peter F, how "naive" you are!In July 2008,a Chinese American scientist Dongfong “Greg” Chung, a former engineer with Rockwell and Boeing, was convicted for spying on behalf of China. He is known to have stolen secret information on the Space Shuttle and Delta–IV rocket in possession of American space and aerospace giant Boeing,had said
that he only tried to help China without "aware" that damaging for the America. Really funny!