Sunday, April 22, 2012

Triumphalist Muslim Leaders Meet Toronto's New Cardinal

From Toronto Muslims:
When the Cardinal Thomas Collins was sworn in Vatican City he wore the Maple Leafs T shirt later that day and made Canadian’s proud.  
Now among those who will qualify to chose the next Pope this indeed a great feat for someone who has does Interfaith work for years along with is the well liked Reverend Father Damian McPherson.

Imams from the Council ensure they carried their congratulations in person and shared that achievement of religion over secularism with their Catholic counterpart.

Imam Hamid Slimi headed the delegation.
I bet everyone was on his best behavior and no one dared to mention what's been happening to Catholics in the Muslim world.

Here's the photo op:

And, of course, there are some grumbles from the peanut gallery. Abu Bear, for one, asks, "Why are these imams congradulating a non muslim in becoming the head of an organization that does shirk..." Good question, Abu.  You wanna field that one, Hamid? Another non-interfaithy type, "tuwaylib" (get it?), comments: "Muslims should realize that Secularism was born out of Christianity. Congratulating one form of Kufr over another is not an achievement."

Dare we say that the truth of the thing is in the comments and not in the photo?

Update: Imam Slimi speaks in Hamilton on the occasion of the opening of a brand new mosque on--I kid you not--Stone Church Road. How perfect is that?

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Minicapt said...

Mohammedans should realise that Mohammad wanted to be a Jew.