Friday, April 20, 2012

Never Lets the Facts About a Hardened Jihadi Murderer Get In the Way of Your Silly Hyper-Empathy for Him

That appears to be the Toronto Star's modus operandi, anyway:
Through it all, as Canada’s allies successfully lobbied to free their nationals from Gitmo, the Harper government wilfully neglected Khadr. It never forcefully protested his mistreatment, criticized his prosecution, or asked for leniency. It took the obtuse view that justice was taking its course. It washed its hands of a young Canadian, leaving him to his fate. It failed a citizen, and disgraced itself.
Au contraire, blubbering Star editorialist. It is Khadr and his jihad-embracing family who washed their hand of us, and who are the disgrace. Oh, and your egegious pleading on behalf of this killer, whose mind was poisoned by his heinous pater--that's pretty disgraceful, too.

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