Monday, April 30, 2012

To the Media, an Israeli Slugger is Much Worse (and Much Worthier of Their Attention) Than a Muslim Butcher

An Israeli soldier is provoked into slugging an annoying Danish Zion-loather protester, and the media freak out en masse. Muslims butcher--yes, butcher--at least 16 Christians in Nigeria and there are yawns, blank stares and crickets.

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Carlos Perera said...

In a perfect world, reporting on such matters would be ruled by the Categorical Imperative . . . but in this fallen and imperfect world, Lenin's dictum of kto/kvo (who/whom) is the guiding principle of the Leftist media . . . and, if an Israeli soldier is involved, the media don't much care if he is kto or kvo, he is automatically at fault. You have to admit, this latter guiding (un)ethical principle might be brutally simplistic, but it has the virtue(?) of not requiring that one slog through Kantian philosophy to reach it.