Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Obama's Jihadi Placation Is Sweepting the Nation

The Muslim Brotherhood, propogandists extraordinaire, are winning, writes Frank Gaffney. In no small part that's because the prez named after Mohammed's wingéd steed is letting 'em win:
...Mr. Obama facilitated and now has underwritten the Muslim Brotherhood's takeover in Egypt and an increasing number of states elsewhere in the Middle East. At his direction, explicit or implicit, the U.S. government is systematically purging its training materials of any information that Islamists might find offensive - including factual information about Shariah, its impelling of jihad (preferably violent and, where necessary, pre-violent) and the Muslim Brotherhood's mission of destroying us from within.
Worse yet, under Team Obama, Brotherhood operatives doing business as Muslim "community leaders" are being allowed to have a say in what sort of training and outreach is done from here on and by whom. Could we have won the Cold War if we had given a similar role to the KGB or the American Communist Party it ran? Or World War II if that role had been assigned to the German-American Bund?
In short, we are losing what is more accurately described as the "jihadists' war on America" because we are being subjected to a systematic, disciplined and highly successful campaign of what the military would call "information dominance." It leaves us as a nation witless about the true nature of the enemy and his motivations and therefore incapable of countering them effectively.
Witless and helpless: that's the essence of dhimmitude.

Way to go, Horsey!

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