Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Tale of Two Headlines--So Who's "Spinning" Whom?

The headline in the newsprint version of the Globe and Mail reads: "Khadr return a tale of two spins."  Meanwhile, the headline in the online version reads: "U.S. 'bending over backwards' to line up Khadr repatriation."

The "spins" being referred to are the Harper government's--it says it's repatriating Khadr as an, ahem, "favour" to the U.S.--and the U.S.'s--unnamed officials are said to be "irked" by the suggestion that pressure of any kind has been exerted.

But there's another spin going on, of course: the Globe's. As per usual, it's spinning a yarn aimed at making the hated Harper government look as bad as possible (and, conversely and perversely, making out the Obama government to be blameless).

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