Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Our Homie Omie Is Coming Home No Matter What--and Will Hit City Streets Sooner Rather Than Later

From the Globe and Mail:
According to the source, the Americans are “bending over backwards” to ensure Mr. Khadr's exit from Guantanamo Bay and will have to “bend their way around a number of their own rules” to make that happen.  
At the same time, the source suggested, Mr. Toews has little choice but to accept Mr. Khadr's return, which would happen at U.S. expense.

Should Mr. Khadr remain in Guantanamo for his full sentence, he would be able to return to Canada and walk the streets without any restrictions, the source said.

As it now stands, Mr. Khadr would be eligible for parole under Canadian rules when he does get back, which sources have told The Canadian Press could be by the end of next month...
Sounds to me as though Omie has a heads-I-win-tails-you-lose sort of deal going (and that the Americans are desperate to unload him).

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