Saturday, April 28, 2012

Songs For Swingin' Necros

Song #1:
All the necrophiliacs cheer
When hearing about the new edict:
"Go and shtup the dead (way to go!),"
Say Islamists (tho' it's really sick).
All the chicks with a pulse
Are repulsed. So what?
They don't get to speak their minds.
Necrophiliacs (there they go!)
Can do all their icky bumps and grinds.
Salafists with their quirky twists say,
"You go, necro!"
Shtup like an Egyptian...

Song #2
I could while away the seconds
Whene'er my wife's corpse beckons.
Tho' some may be revusled.
But I have permish to do her
And to even try to woo her
If she doesn't have a pulse...

Song #3
Every kiss that she'll dread
Won't upset her 'cuz she's dead.
It's getting to be a habit with you.
Let her stay, she won't scold,
Even as she's growing cold.
It's getting to be a habit with you....

Song #4
A kiss on a corpse may be quite de-gen-are-ate
But necro is a guy's best bet.
A kiss may be sick to the chick who can't share it
But there's fatwa cred
For those who like to screw the dead.
Gals alive quell your sex drive,
And the dead ones do not get upset. 
So wait for post mortem
That's when to escort 'em.
Necro is a guy's best bet...