Friday, April 27, 2012

Aborting Female Fetuses BECAUSE They're Female Not "Extreme"? If You Say So, Harpoon

I do so love it when H. Siddiqui's incoherence achieves heady heights (as it does more often than not). In his most recent peroration, for example, the die-hard multicultist proclaims that, while "extremism" (of the Rick Santorum variety) is the order of the day in America, it will always fail to gain traction in Canada. At some point, the column makes a dizzying segue from slamming American "extremism" into becoming an impassioned argument for the "right" of "certain ethnic communities" to abort female fetuses:
Some immigrants to Canada from those countries have imported the practice. Six Toronto area hospitals now refuse to divulge the gender of the fetus following ultrasound.
This raises several questions about the equal application of the law.
Women have a right to abortion. Pro-lifers do not like it. But that’s the law. So, on what basis do we say women cannot abort female fetuses? Or, are we saying that Canadian women from certain ethnic communities have only a partial right to abortion?
I think what we're saying, Harpoon, is that certain ethnic communities should not be aborting female fetuses because they'd prefer to have male babies; I think we're saying that such misogyny (which is also manifested in such extreme ethnic practices as "honour killings," FGM and gender segregation in public school mosqueterias) is best left in the old country, and has no place here in Canada.

Hate to break it to you, Harpoon, but Santorum is out, Obama and his minions are still in charge, and yours is the extreme position here.

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