Sunday, April 29, 2012

Guess What Our Shameless "Friend" Barry Has Done Now

He's gone over Congress's head (metaphorically speaking) and shipped a whole lotta moolah Abbas's way even though his PA has reneged on every single promise it has made. Then he had one of his spinmeisters lie about it.

He has also told Iran that it can go ahead an enrich a little bit of uranium (which actually amounts to 2/3rds that's required for nuke-making), provided it allows the UN to have a period look-see at its enrichment facilities. This marks a drastic change from previous policy, which allowed for no enriching whatsoever, and is seen as a ploy--a most cynical and selfish one, if you ask me and John R. Bolton (who spoke about it on Fox News this morning)--to prevent Israel from taking any action against Iran, at least until after the November election.

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