Thursday, April 26, 2012

Disgruntled Winnipegger Grumbles About Those Who Would Impede that Quintessence of Fabulousness, Our "Human Rights" Mausoleum

This, found on Democratic Underground, made me chuckle:
Sometimes I like my city and sometimes I truly Loathe it.

On one hand, more development is happening than has been in more than thirty years with downtown residential, private investment and enthusiasm not seen in many years.

On the other, one of the foundations of this enthusiasm, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, has encountered increasing delays, funding stoppage from the Harper government 9after he no longer needed the publicity to get his coveted majority), questionable management from its board and attack after attack after attack from the right wing press (mostly our local fishwrap, the Winnipeg Sun), critics of the Aspers (one of our prominent Jewish families and a (declining) local media empire whose patriarch envisioned this thing) and our usual slew of cheapskates, xenophobes and seeming bumpkins.

As said by another poster years ago, this die-hard resistance seems to crop up with everything done in this city.
Speaking as one of the "cheapskates, xenophobes and seeming bumpkins," all I can say is how sucky for you that not everyone can see the manifest merits of your money-hoovering shrine to victimhood.

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