Sunday, April 29, 2012

April Is By No Means the Cruelest Month. It Is, Alas, a Typical One

Thanks to Leo Rennert on the American Thinker site for compiling a list--it is not comprehensive--of events that the NYT and the WaPo, rabid fans of the Palestinian narrative, chose to ignore in the month now ending:
April 1-Hamas official urges Palestinian women to blow themselves up "for the sake of Jerusalem."
April 2-PA arrests woman for criticizing Abbas on Facebook, cracks down on journalists.
April 3-Palestinian revisionism - Moses was a Muslim who led Muslims in exodus from Egypt.
April 3-Medieval blood libel of Jews gaining in popularity in Jordan.
April 4-Rocket explosions in Eilat - one rocket hits near apartment building.
April 5-Arab League boycotts Adidas for sponsoring Jerusalem marathon.
April 8-Two rockets fired from Gaza explode in southern Israel.
April 9-Muslims reject shared prayer areas at Tomb of Patriarchs, aim for exclusive use.
April 10-Abbas' cabinet minister: Palestinian unity needed to destroy Israel.
April 12-Heavily armed Palestinian nabbed on way to Passover terror attack.
April 18-Terrorists freed in Shalit deal return to terrorism.
April 19-Egypt's Grand Mufti prays at Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, triggers firestorm for legitimizing Israel.
April 19-Barghouti, who led second intifada, confesses Arafat gave OK.
April 19-Arabs stab young Jews in Jerusalem on Holocaust Remembrance Day.
April 20-Hamas' No. 2 says won't honor any peace treaty with Israel.
April 21-Two Palestinians, with arsenal of weapons, explosives nabbed in West Bank.
April 23-Abbas' PA TV airs poem for children, "Our enemy Zion is Satan with a tail."
April 24-Abbas blocks websites that criticize him.
April 26-Arabs attack Jews in heart of Jerusalem, injure 3 members of Jewish family.
April 28-IDF arrests Palestinian carrying two bombs at security checkpoint near Nablus.
File the above under "sins of omission." (For further reading on these papers' past history of sinful avoidance of an existential crisis involving Jewry, please locate a copy of Deborah Lipstadt's Beyond Belief: The American Press and the Coming of the Holocaust, 1933-1945.)

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