Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ontario NDP Punching Above Its Weight

There was a "huge" protest in Toronto yesterday. The Ontario goverment's minority situation handed the usual suspects an entree to try to bully it into amending the proposed budget, which is not nearly as spendaholic/punitive to the wretched rich as the socialists would like:
TORONTO — Last-minute budget concessions by Ontario’s govern­ing Liberals weren’t enough to placate throngs of demonstrators who descended on the legislature Saturday to show their displeas­ure with looming job and service cuts.
Thousands of protesters from more than 90 labour and community groups chanted slo­gans and waved placards as part of a province-wide campaign to tell Premier Dalton McGuinty and his minority government its budget cannot stand.
The masses that packed the grounds of Queen’s Park “are sending a signal to this premier that this budget is grossly un­fair," said Sid Ryan, president of the Ontario Federation of Labour. NDP Leader Andrea Horwath told the cheering crowd she would rather avoid triggering another provincial election but would keep pushing to change what she called a “profoundly flawed" budget.
“We’re showing the people of this province that we are pre­pared to work to make the minority government work, but we’re also showing them the sort of Ontario we can build togeth­er," she said...
That's side-splitting coming from a chick who's trying to strong-arm the government of a broke province to do what she wants. (Were there really "thousands" there, or is this a typical lefty media exaggeration of these type of "protests"?)

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