Sunday, January 6, 2013

"Perhaps You Should Give Your Crotches a Quiet Pat or Two, to Reassure Yourselves That You're Still, You Know, All There"

Warren Kinsella offers some creepy, quasi-sexual advice to Conservative Finance Minister Jim Flaherty. What prompted the masturbatory suggestion? Well, it seems the minister billed taxpayers for Cover Girl and Maybelline cosmetics in advance of a batch of TV appearances, an action Mr. K. finds both wasteful and, in his words, "sort of girlish."

Apropos the above, I have a few questions for the hot 'n' bothered columnist:

1. Don't you wear makeup to cover your pasty features when you appear on TV?

2. Shouldn't you be glad that the minister billed for cheap-o drug store cosmetics instead of for, say, Clinique and other much higher priced department store brands?

3. Isn't the phrase "sort of girlish" sort of offensive to transvestites and transsexuals, who like to wear makeup, and whose right to do so sans discrimination has been enshrined in our "human rights" codes? Aren't you worried about being the target of a "human rights" complaint for making fun of guys who are, you know, "sort of girlish"?


rick mcginnis said...

Warren was being "edgy." That's what he does. He was a punk once, don't you know. I mean, he goes on and on about it, after all, so I'm sure you must know.

scaramouche said...

If that's "edgy" then I'm Justin Trudeau. ;)

rick mcginnis said...

Oooh, but Justin's edgy, too. He once grew a funny moustache. In parliament!

scaramouche said...

I especially liked his "edgy" Anonymous mask look:

john001 said...

I saw warren in the Sun News make up room getting a touch up to his anti-Harper glare.