Sunday, March 31, 2013

"A Cross-Cultural Passover"

Indeed. So "cross-cultural" that it includes the other white meat:
ON THE PLATES After everyone shared whitefish guacamole ($14) and a few glasses of Mezcalita de Piña, a pineapple-infused mescal drink ($12 each), Mr. Rampersaud and the younger Mr. Katz split the lobster tacos ($17 and not on the Passover menu) while Ms. Katz had a bowl of the epazote- and jalapeño-scented matzo ball soup ($10). Next: the braised beef short ribs with matzo ball-potato croquettes and chile ancho salsa ($26) for everyone except Michael Katz. He chose another à la carte offering that wasn’t quite kosher, let alone kosher for Passover: the suckling pig carnitas ($26).
Lobster tacos and pig carnitas: ay, caramba! Those dishes aside--and ever on the lookout for ways to add zest to traditional Passover fare--it all sounds like something I might be willing to whip up at home.

Update: A Passover in Jakarta.

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