Friday, March 15, 2013

Ceeb Radio's "As It Happens" Goes With the UNICEF Zion-Loathing Flow

UNICEF, one of the UN's notoriously anti-Israel bodies, released a damning report the other day about Israel's treatment of Palestinian children. So naturally As It Happens, a daily radio show broadcast by our national broadcaster, the Ceeb, spent a good chunk of time interviewing a UNICEF flack:
The number of Palestinian children arrested by the Israeli Defence Forces is shocking. But the way they are allegedly treated following their arrests is even more so.
A report by the United Nations Childrens' Fund has examined the arrest and treatment of hundreds of children between the ages of twelve to seventeen over the last decade.
Catherine Weibel is the Chief of Communication for UNICEF in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. We reached her in Jerusalem.
Of course they did. What they didn't--what they hardly ever--do when it comes to Israel, the object of lefty derision, is provide a more balanced account of the report's contents. Here, from the JPost, is what the Ceeb omitted.

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