Sunday, March 24, 2013

There's a Fine Line Between Insightful Commentary and Zionhass. Thomas L. Friedman is Close to Crossing That Line

The "sage" of the NYT disses Israelis for doing their best to live and thrive despite their crazy, dysfunctional neighbourhood.
Israel’s ability to live as if it were disconnected from the rest of the region is impressive and necessary. It’s also illusory and dangerous.  
It’s impressive and necessary because Israel is the only country in the world today that has nonstate actors, armed with missiles, nested among civilians on four out of five of its borders: the Sinai, Gaza, southern Lebanon and Syria. Beyond them lies a hinterland of states consumed by internal turmoil, and Iran. Yet Israel has managed to juggle bits, bytes and bombs — with high walls that neutralize its enemies and high-tech that nourishes its economy.  
But there is a fine line between keeping danger out and locking fantasy in, between keeping your people alive and keeping crazy dreams alive. Israel is close to crossing that line.
The only "crazy dreams" Israel wants to keep alive is the one which finds it continuing to exist in the face of intractable enemies and their Islam-based crazy dreams of wiping Israel off the map. And TLF, no sage he but ever the quintessence of cluelessness re matters Israeli is, yes, dreaming crazily if he thinks his two cents on the subject are worth even that much.

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