Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sex in the Loo at Ryerson U

Not be judgmental or anything, but ick:
A gay men’s website in Toronto lists a washroom at Ryerson University as the city’s most popular place to meet and have sex. The obvious reason for its popularity is the location near Toronto’s Gay Village. Some students say it makes them feel unsafe, because non-students are regularly inside campus washrooms. Ryerson Security says they don’t see it as a big problem, nor do they patrol washrooms. Sheldon Levy, the usually happy-to-comment president of Ryerson declined to comment. I can see why.
"Some students say it makes them feel unsafe"--sorry, kids, you're plum out of luck. Unless, of course, you're transgendered, in which case you can use any washroom you'd like.


Carlos Perera said...

Ick is right! (But, if any of my school system's multicultural sensitivity bureaucrats are reading this, I wish to affirm that nothing says "safe space" to me like walking into a men's room and discovering that it's a trysting place for homosexuals.)

scaramouche said...

Why isn't this a public health issue? Surely guys going at it in a public john is a great way to spread STDs and HIV.