Monday, March 25, 2013

Khomeinist Iran's PR Campaign Uses Canucki Natives to Target Canada' Israel-Supporting Government

I'm sure it hasn't escaped the Harper government's attention that Kooky Krackpot Khomeinists are hooking up with disgruntled members of Canada's Aboriginal community in an effort to undermine Canadian society, and that, further, the KKKers and their chums are employing the very tactic that's being used to undermine Israel's existence--by shrieking, "That's not human rights-y!" This from a nation that hoists gays from makeshift gallows for the capital crime of being gay. (The aforementioned tactic of using "human rights" as a sledgehammer with which to batter the Jewish state has not escaped Prime Minister Harper's attention, so presumably he's up to speed on what's happening here, too.)

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