Friday, March 15, 2013

Obama's Dizzying Inconsistency Re "Courageous" Egyptian Chicks and Their Islamist Oppressors

How dumb/hypocritical is this? On the one hand, the Obama administration wanted to give a prize to an Egyptian chick who had to courage to raise awareness re Egypt's army "virginity tests" on female protesters in Tahrir Square. On the other hand, the same administration is giving mega-bucks to Egypt even thought the Muslim Brotherhood, one of the most male chauvinistic/chick unfriendly rackets in the world, has an iron grip on that land. Re this obvious and unconscionable inconsistency Jeffrey Tobin writes:
Unlike the Obama re-election campaign theme, the Brotherhood’s war on women is not a partisan farce aimed at demonizing opponents but a genuine wave of repression that will set back human rights in that country. That the same administration that was re-elected in part because of its pro-women policies and which trumpeted its concerns for women’s rights abroad is subsidizing a regime that oppresses women in this fashion is more than merely hypocritical. It is an indictment of a president and a State Department that have lost their moral compass. 

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