Tuesday, March 19, 2013

U.S. Shafting the UN "Human Rights" Council for Being Anti-Israel? Swell. But How About Growing a Pair and Resigning from this Disgusting Racket?

On the one hand, I commend the Obama administration for noticing that the UN's odious "human rights" body has an irrational/pathological obsession with Israel:
The Obama administration refused to participate in a U.N. Human Rights Council meeting on Israeli settlements and slammed the body for its "disproportionate" focus on Israel.
The Geneva-based council on Monday debated a January special report on the settlements that called for Israel to immediately withdraw from the West Bank and suggested Israel may be liable for war crimes if it does not leave.
U.S. delegates would not speak during the debate, according to DPA, the German news agency, and in separate comments Eileen Donahoe, the U.S. ambassador to the body, said "the United States remains extremely troubled by this council's continued biased and disproportionate focus on Israel."
Israel no longer associates with the Human Rights Council, in part because of last year's fact-finding mission on Israeli settlements that culminated in the report. Israel did not cooperate with the council on the settlements report.
The council repeatedly singles out Israel for criticism and has ignored major human rights abusers, some of which are members of the council.
On the other hand, I condemn the Obama administration for stupidly reversing Dubya's policy of giving this repellent body the cold shoulder:
The Obama administration reversed its predecessor's policy of not participating in the council and has noted some progress in having the body address abuses in countries such as Iran.

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