Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Islamophobia Hurts Australian Multiculturalism"

That's how onIslam puts it. But when you read what the website considers "Islamophobic," you might be inclined to put it another way:
A two-year inquiry into multiculturalism in Australia has found overwhelming concerns on Muslims and their faith. 
It found that out of 513 submissions to the inquiry, 212 raised concerns about or discussed the question of Islam in Australia. 
Some 113 submissions objected to the possible introduction of legal pluralism to accommodate the requirements of Islamic Shari`ah. 
The report says many submissions asserted that multiculturalism was “laying the foundations for ethnic separatism under increased migration from Islamic countries”. 
The parliamentary committee also heard accusations that Muslim imams were encouraging Muslim-only enclaves."
Such Hatey McHatersons, no?

How dare they balk at "legal pluralism to accommodate" shariah?

How dare they believe their eyes and ears?

All that will come to an end, though, once non-Islamophobic multiculturalists get them to knock it off.

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