Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Is This Saudi War on Islam's Heritage Engineered by the Zionists?"

Kooky American truther poses an intriguing question on one of the Grandiose Aytollah's media websites. I particularly enjoyed this bit, a relic of old time Jew hate that might have come from the mouth of A. Hitler (had be been alive at the time):
The Western usury-based banking system, dominated by the Rothschilds - the founding family of Israel - has been propped up by Saudi oil money since 1970. That is the year that Henry Kissinger took the Rothschild Federal Reserve dollar off of the gold standard, and made it a Saudi-backed petrodollar.
To boil the above--and the entire article--down to its essence: "It's the Jooooos!" (Well, isn't it always?)

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